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Industry News Updates

Mandatory Accreditation required for Medicare Reimbursement

Congress passes bill HR6331 making accreditation mandatory for Medicare reimbursement of MRI, CT, NM, PET starting January 1, 2012. Click here for more information about bill HR6331.

United Healthcare Moves Accreditation Deadline Back

United Healthcare Extends Accreditation Deadline until “fourth quarter 2009”. Sites still advised to make haste with their accreditation applications. Click here for the latest information at the United Healthcare website.

New Ch. 64E-3, FAC, Regulations for Radiologic Technology

A new Chapter 64E-3, FAC, (468 KB, PDF), effective March 4, 2008, is available. Changes to sections 64E-3.002, .004, .006, .007, .008, & .009, FAC have been made affecting requirements for: definitions; application forms; examinations; reporting of graduation, criminal history and professional discipline; endorsement; bone densitometry, and; continuing education courses and providers. A new regulation, 64E-3.0033, FAC, has also been established setting minimum training requirements for nuclear medicine technologists (NMTS) who wish to perform limited PET-CT. However, all NMTs are still prohibited from performing full diagnostic CT by s. 468.302(3)(g), Florida Statutes.

New Chapter 64E-5, FAC, Regulations Take Effect

A new Chapter 64E-5, FAC, Revision 8, effective February 28, 2008, has been posted on the Chapter 64E-5 page. Revision 8 includes fee increases for pre- and post-mining, additional requirements for industrial radiography licensees, national source tracking of certain isotopes above certain quantities (effective 1/31/09) and other changes. For a summary of all of the changes and a copy of the replacement pages, see Information Notice 2008-2 (420 KB, PDF).

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