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CT – Protocol Optimization

Recent incidents involving injuries to patients resulting from CT scans, along with increased awareness of radiation doses used in CT imaging have created the current environment where many facilities are scrambling to achieve the highest quality image for the lowest possible dose.

Implementing an effective dose optimization strategy is a complex process. Radiation Services, Inc. can help your facility achieve this goal by balancing the needs of the interpreting physicians with the performance capabilities of your scanner.

It is also critical that we don’t forget about our smallest and most vulnerable patients. It is understood that pediatric patients require less radiation than adults. Unfortunately most technologists do not know how much less. RSI can help you develop a complete set of pediatric imaging protocols custom tailored to meet your interpreting physician’s needs within the limitations of your scanner’s capabilities.

If you do not currently have a set of pediatric imaging protocols the Image Gently Campaign has a wealth of information to get you started. This includes a conversion table that allows you to adjust your adult protocols until a complete set of pediatric protocols is implemented.

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