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Radiation Services, Inc. offers many medical physics services for Radiographic / Fluoroscopic (R/F) equipment.  We can evaluate your new or existing equipment to confirm that it is operating correctly while complying with the Florida Control of Radiation Hazard Regulations.

In addition, we can also provide integrity testing of personal protective devices such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, gonadal shields, etc. as required by The Joint Commission (TJC).

The RSI team will utilize sophisticated detection equipment to monitor and evaluate your R/F equipment for collimation and radiation beam alignment, fluoroscopic system resolution, automatic exposure control (AEC) system performance, image artifacts, fluoroscopic phantom image quality, kVp accuracy and reproducibility, linearity of exposure vs. mA, timer accuracy, beam quality (half-value layer), fluoroscopic exposure rates, image receptor entrance exposure, radiation safety functions, patient dose monitoring system calibration (if present), video and digital monitor performance, image receptor performance, and integrity of unit assembly.

RSI can also provide image quality consultation, fetal dose calculations (such as determination of acceptable levels of radiation to fetus based on gestation age and dosage), and facility layout and planning. In addition, RSI can perform testing to ensure that your newly installed Radiographic/Fluoroscopic equipment works as specified prior to patient use.

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