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Radiography – Fluoroscopy FAQ

<strong>What type of equipment do you survey?</strong>

The RSI team has experience with a wide range of equipment manufacturers and equipment. We can survey radiographic, fluoroscopic, dental, portable, c-arm, o-arm, and dental x-ray equipment of all makes and models.

<strong>Do you perform annual inspection of lead?</strong>

RSI performs integrity testing of personal protective devices such as lead aprons, thyroid shields, gonadal shields, etc. as required by TJC. Our inspection of your personal protective devices will include the following:

  • Fluoroscopic or radiographic inspection of personal protective device integrity.
  • An inventory of all of your devices sorted by type and/or department.
  • Proper identification label for each personal protective device.
  • Consultation on the proper removal, disposal, documentation and/or replacement of devices that do not pass inspection.
<strong>Can RSI assist in the creation of a Radiation Safety Program for my facility?</strong>

Yes. Radiation services can assist you with the creation, implementation, and document required for a Radiation Safety Program.

<strong>Should we be using radiation reduction gloves in our practice?</strong>

Although radiation protective surgical gloves have become widely available and quite prevalent in many practices, leading research concludes that these surgical gloves are an extremely expensive way of preventing potential cancers.  In fact, research has shown that the use of these gloves can increase the skin dose to the wearer and may also increase the dose to the patient.  These gloves are not a substitute for good radiographic practice and their use is not recommended.

<strong>Can my report be delivered electronically?</strong>

Yes. Typically, Radiation services offers electronic PDF delivery of your report to the person or persons of your choosing via email and through the client portal access on our website.

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