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Policy and Regulation Updates

The Age of Accreditation has arrived. Read more here.

On New Years Day, 2012, the MIPPA law took effect. It became mandatory for private offices and outpatient imaging centers who wish to invoice CMS for CT, MRI, PET and/or SPECT services to be accredited. The majority of our hospital and medical center clientele has embraced the inevitability for their accreditation and have also started […]

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Industry News Updates

Mandatory Accreditation required for Medicare Reimbursement Congress passes bill HR6331 making accreditation mandatory for Medicare reimbursement of MRI, CT, NM, PET starting January 1, 2012. Click here for more information about bill HR6331. United Healthcare Moves Accreditation Deadline Back United Healthcare Extends Accreditation Deadline until “fourth quarter 2009”. Sites still advised to make haste with […]

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