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Nuclear Medicine and PET – FAQ

Nuclear Medicine Regulatory Questions:

Do I have to notify the state if we are moving our facility or hot lab
another different location?

Yes you need to notify the state that you are moving your department. It will
be necessary to complete an exit survey of the old facility and then you need
to test the dose calibrator for linearity, accuracy and geometry.

Does a physician need to be listed on the RML to interpret Nuclear

Yes, the physician must be listed on your RML as an authorized user to
interpret Nuclear Medicine studies.

How often does the BRC inspect?

Hospitals are inspected every 2 years and Outpatient clinics  every 3 years.

Nuclear Medicine/PET ACR Questions:

Why is the ACR sending their renewal notice 6 to 9 months before it expires?

This allows plenty of time to have camera testing completed and documentation
prepared for resubmission. Also, serviced if system does not meet requirements to
pass testing.

When should I have my camera tested for the renewal process?

Please call the office as soon as you get your first notification to allow time for scheduling your system.

Do we need to notify ACR if we move our department?

Yes. If you relocate or replace your system ACR must be notified right away.

How often do I need to have my camera tested by a physicist?

Physics testing is required annually however, semi-annual phantom testing is also
required and can be completed by the site or by your physics company.

My Gamma Camera is a fixed 90 degree configuration design. Can I obtain ACR
accreditation with this type of unit?

Yes!  However, care must be taken to position the phantom properly so the correct
sections are imaged over the 180 degree acquisition.

Can my report be delivered electronically?

Yes. Typically, Radiation services offers electronic PDF delivery of your report to the person or persons of your choosing via email and through the client portal access on our website.


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