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The following questions are often asked:

Where can I purchase the ACR phantom?

ACR MRI phantoms are sold by JM Specialty Parts Inc. Below are order forms for small and large MRI ACR accreditation phantoms. Please contact us if you have questions determining which phantom is best for your scanner.

Large MRI Phantom Order Form

Small MRI Phantom Order Form

I have a bubble in my ACR MRI phantom, what should I do?

The Water in your ACR MRI phantom will slowly evaporate over time forming bubbles.  These bubbles can cause artifacts in the images and create difficulty when assessing the system for geometric accuracy.  The physicists at Radiation Services, Inc. will refill your phantom during each onsite physics evaluation for no additional charge.

We do not recommend filling the phantom yourself as the plastic screws are fragile and easily broken. The nickel-chloride solution is also a carcinogen and should be handled accordingly.

Can my report be delivered electronically?

Yes. Typically, Radiation services offers electronic PDF delivery of your report to the person or persons of your choosing via email and through the client portal access on our website.


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